Passport 101

Passport 101 - Everything you Need to Know!

Are you new to the world of passport photo services? Or perhaps you were needing to upgrade from an old silver based instant Polaroid camera that you can no longer get film for? Not sure where to begin or what do you need? Well fear not, we put together this handy resource list to help you on your way to producing perfect passport photos.

Digital Passport Camera & Printer System
Printing quality passport photos requires a system specifically configured to create a 2 x 2 photos, with the correct proportions. The core of the system consists of a preconfigured camera and printer. The Starter System and Platinum System utilize a camera setup for most lighting situations. These systems utilize Kodak cameras with a guide sticker on the LCD screens, to ensure proper alignment of the subject. After the photo is taken, simply insert the memory card in the pre-configured Canon printer. The printer will print a 2x2 photo with the US government specification. Checkout the video below to see the system in action:



White Background
The state department requires a white or very light gray background. We sell two backdrops that can be easily deployed in any store. The freestanding backdrop and the wall mounted backdrop. A wall can be used, however the results are often unpredictable, due to differing paint finishes. 


Cutting Device
When the photos are done printing, it's important to trim the photos accurately. Scissors can be used, however, this option is time-consuming and difficult to cut accurately. The 2 x 2 Tabletop Cutter delivers a quick and accurate 2 x 2 photo. Please watch the video below to see how the tabletop cutter works:


Passport Folders

Passport folders are the final step to delivering a premium product. Insert the photos in these protective sleeves to help the customer keep track of their new passport photos and boost the credibility of the product being sold.


Replacement Media Refills
Paper/Ink Ribbon Media Packs contains 108 photo sheets and 3 ink ribbon cartridges. These are always in stock at our Michigan warehouse and ship out same or next business day (depending on the time of day ordered).

We hope this section on the basics of passport printing has been informative. If you have any questions, please reach out and contact us.