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We’ve created a unique passport photo solution that utilizes your smartphone camera and connects it to a Canon printer for easy and quick passport photos. Using a free app, your iPhone, iPad or Andriod screen displays an overlay, showing you exactly where to align the subject for a perfect photo every time. Just connect the printer to the same wifi network as your device and you can print pre-formatted, cropped 2x2 inch photos in less than 60 seconds wirelessly from your device.

Most of the setup is already done: the app and printer are ready to go for US passport photos. Our simple, easy-to-follow instructions show you how to connect the printer to your wifi network and it remembers the settings even when turned off and back on. Print directly from the app, no wires and no memory card to deal with. Should you ever want to upgrade and add a camera with a flash (or if your wifi goes down), we’ve preconfigured the printer to also print USA sized passport photos from an SD memory card.

Kit Contents:

  • Canon CP1500 Digital Photo Printer (pre-configured for USA passports)
  • Paper Tray
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Tabletop Cutter for 2x2” USA Passports
  • Operator Manual for Printer
  • Printed Quick Reference Instruction Sheet
  • 108 Sheet Pack of Paper/Ink Ribbons
  • Passport Photo Checklist Overlay Guide for US and Canadian passport photos

Note: The app disables the flash, so this solution can only be used in areas with ample, bright lighting.
Requires iOS 9.0 or later - works with your iPhone, iPad, or Andriod device.


Canon CP1500 User Manual

Smartphone Passport Photo System Instructions

Android App Instructions

Smartphone or tablet not included.

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